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DQCOMM Background & Experience

Outdated websites?
Poorly executed content?
Uninspiring pitchbooks and marketing materials?


DQCOMM Process is Highly Collaborative

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We are Your Partner, not a Gun for Hire

Our work depends upon a collaborative relationship with an engaged client.

After all, DQCOMM doesn't have a monopoly on good ideas, so we rely on your intimate understanding of your clients, your business, and they types of clients with whom you want to work.

We need that input to create effective content and design.


It is the policy of Daniel Quinn Communications to treat any and all information submitted to us as strictly confidential. Under no circumstances will we ever share names, email addresses, telephone numbers, or any other piece of contact information with any third party without express written consent.

What we do:

Investment Management Website Specialist
Digital Marketing Professional
Marketing Communications Expert


B.A. – History, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
M.A.T. – History Education, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Past Industry experience:

Stock Analyst and Editorial Assistant for Morningstar 

Analyses, articles, and other items which were published to the website and its traditional print products.

Appeared in media outlets, including: